care instructions

    Tips on wearing, caring for and storing jewelry

    Wearing of jewelry

    In order to enjoy your jewelery for a long time, you should not wear it when doing sports, in the shower, when visiting the sauna or when doing house or garden work. Dirt, dishwater and sweat can permanently damage the jewellery. Jewelry should also not be worn while swimming as it can quickly lose color and luster. In addition, jewelry should only be put on after the application of make-up, cosmetics as well as hairspray, powder, perfume, deodorant, sunscreen or the like.

    Care of stainless steel jewelry

    Stainless steel jewelery is more robust and easier to care for than silver jewelery and is particularly suitable for allergy sufferers because it is rust and nickel free. Stainless steel does not bleed, making it easier to care for than silver jewelry. We recommend using a soft microfiber cloth and soapy water for cleaning.

    Care of 925 silver jewelry

    To easily clean your silver jewelry, you can immerse it in a warm water bath. In the case of more intense discolouration, it is advisable to use professional silver cleaning agents. To avoid discoloration from the start, you should store silver away from light. Silver jewelry oxidizes over time and can tarnish, this also applies to gold plated jewelry. A humid environment, such as the bathroom, can accelerate oxidation.

    Care of copper jewelry

    To protect your copper jewelery optimally, you should avoid contact with water. Gold plated jewelry can tarnish and lose its gold plating.

    jewelry storage

    The best way to store your jewelry is in a jewelry box with lots of compartments and a soft lining. Jewelry should always be kept separate so they don't scratch each other.